Ben T Kadar is a singer/songwriter from Budapest. His music is around the edges of electronic pop/R’n’B with a lot of influences of hip-hop, lo-fi hip-hop and trap. His lyrics are usually self-exploring, most of them are about how he gets to know himself and his relationships with other people.

In his songs, he talks about experiences like a failure in love, the need for peace and the noise that needs to be reduced around him. In his tracks he would like to show how hard being a human can be sometimes, even if you don’t have anything to complain about.

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“The honest truth is that this song is an uplifting experience from start to finish. It feels like the adrenaline rush of hearing good news after being in a slump for a while, like the warmest day of the year after a cold winter.”
Unheard Gems about ‘Ashes
“I haven't seen such a predictable and conscious construction lately as Bence Kádár-Szabó does with his Ben T Kadar alter ego. Not to mention how high-quality the whole thing is.”
A&R Factory
“It’s safe to say that Ben T Kadar won’t be classed as an up and coming artist for much longer given their capacity to make such arrestive evocative hits.”
Ígéretes Titánok

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